The Health Promotion field is a growing one. These professionals focus on wellness, helping people learn how to stay healthy and prevent illnesses, rather than treating those illnesses that could have been prevented. If you’re interested in wellness, here are 19 useful apps for iPhone or Android that we’re sure you’ll love.

For the iPhone

  1. Deft Fitness: This app helps you decide which exercises you should be doing, based on the fitness goals you want to achieve.
  2. iFitness: This app gives you everything you need to keep track of your workout information. It can recommend exercises for you based on your fitness goals, and it can keep track of your progress. You can choose from over 160 exercises with this app.
  3. Fit Link: This is a fitness community, and more! You can keep a workout journal, determine which exercises you need to be doing and even track your progress. But, you can also connect with other people who are on similar journeys to health and fitness.
  4. Outbreaks Near Me: This application is based on health map and is being used regularly by medical professionals to track the H1N1 flu outbreaks. The application was created by researchers at Children’s Hospital in Boston with help from MIT. This app is also available for the Android.
  5. Influenza (H1N1) Tracker: Much like Swine Flu News Tracker, this application is specifically for informing about H1N1. This app breaks information down by country. However, within the US, you can also get it broken down by state, and includes the assessment level offered by the World Health Organization.
  6. FDA Mobile: Information on this app comes directly from the US Food and Drug Administration. It’s a great application to help you keep up with food warnings, drug ineractions and even disease outbreaks. You can also keep up to date on when the latest medical treatments and drugs receive their FDA approval.
  7. CDC News Reader: This is all the outbreak information you need to know, straight from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. Essentially, it sends you the latest news reports coming out of the CDC, including disease outbreaks, emergency preparedness and travel notices.

For the Android

  1. Best Diet Foods: Get lists of the foods you should be eating to maintain weight and stay healthy.
  2. Fast Food Calorie Counter: Know exactly how many calories you’re consuming when you give into fast food. This app tracks and provides data for almost 9000 menu items from 72 fast food restaurants. Track calories, fat fiber, carbs and protein.
  3. Calorie Counter by FatSecret: This calorie counter is simple to use. It can also figure out the recommended daily calorie intake you need based on your weight and fitness goals. It has a bar code scanner to make finding foods really easy.
  4. BMI Calculator: Calculate your Body Mass Index quickly and easily. Great for dieters.
  5. Nutrition Tips: Get tips on making your food work for you.
  6. Vitamins and Minerals: Help improve your nutrition by learning which vitamins and minerals do what, as well as learning which foods contain the ones you’re looking for.
  7. Cancer Preventing Food: Learn the foods that have been linked to cancer prevention.
  8. Control of Communicable Diseases Manual: This app includes the latest on identifying, managing, and preventing hundreds of infectious diseases, as well as public health news feeds and links to journal abstracts and citations. This is the most widely recognized reference for public health workers.
  9. Pathology and Disease:This application is a great way to learn more about the diseases that are spreading in your area. It allows you to learn all about disease processes. This is a great application for all healthcare professionals.
  10. Infectious Diseases:This application for your Android is a great teaching too for helping users learn more about communicable diseases.
  11. Pandemic Flu Guide: This application will give you all the information you need to ensure you’re prepared in the event of a flu pandemic.
  12. Health News: Get all the health news you need including alerts about disease outbreaks with this android app.

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