Average Salary with a Masters in Health Promotion

A master’s degree in health promotion allows you work in a leadership role in the health world, educating others about disease prevention, diet, exercise, and other ways to encourage good health. With this degree, you can work in any number of positions, from promoting health concepts during public media campaigns to evaluating patients’ health habits.

Health Promotion Salary by Job

The average salary you can expect if you earn a master’s degree in health promotion depends on the job you ultimately take. You could work as a health educator in a school, an instructor in a medical facility, or even in a government position. Salaries in some of these fields are as follows:

  • Physical Education Teacher: $47,800
  • High School Health Teacher: $45,118
  • Public Health Educator: $41,000
  • Nurse Educator: $55,000
  • Non-RN Health Educator: $36,900

As you can see, working in the health promotion field typically means you can expect a salary of around $40,000 to $50,000 annually. Remember, as someone who holds a master’s degree, you’ll likely be offered a salary higher than average, and you can earn even more by getting a doctorate degree in this field.

Salary Advantage of a Master’s Degree

You can get started working in health promotion with just a bachelor’s degree, and their are even job options for people who have an associate’s degree – so why should you go back to school to get a master’s degree in this field?

On average, people make around 5 percent more with a master’s degree annually, and in the health field, it could mean that you earn a starting salary of $10,000 a year more for doing the same job. In addition, with a master’s degree in health promotion, you’ll be eligible to advance further in this field, taking on positions that come attached to higher salaries and better benefits, which usually aren’t available to those working in health promotion without a master’s degree.

Health Promotion Benefits

Speaking of benefits, if you are comparing health promotion positions, you should consider not just salary, but also the benefits packages offered. These benefits could include things like health and dental coverage, paid vacation days, transportation expense reimbursement, and even tuition programs for employees who go back to school for advanced training.

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