Masters in Health Promotion Program Rankings

Health promotion is a field that combines medicine and disease prevention with education. As a student in this field, some of the topics you’ll likely cover include nutrition and dieting, exercise, prevention of disease, alcohol and drug abuse, and other related public health topics. You’ll learn how to evaluate the heath habits of patients, as well as teach others how they can improve their lives to be healthier.

Are you interested in a master’s degree program studying health promotion? No matter what school you attend, you can expect to take classes like biology, health development and communications, public health, and psychology. Some of the best health prevention programs for master’s degree students are offered by the following schools:

Northern Arizona University

The program available at Northern Arizona University is a Master of Science in Management with a Health Promotion emphasis. This course will include classes in leadership and management, but you’ll also take health promotion classes to prepare you to work in public health.

Benedictine University

Students at Benedictine University can study in the Catholic university’s Master of Public Health with an emphasis in health promotion and education. This is a degree you can get online, and because you have a more generalized public health degree instead of a health promotion degree, you’ll be eligible for a wider ranger of jobs.

University of Illinois at Chicago

The program at the University of Illinois allows students to earn a Master of Health Professions Education, which is comparable to a health promotion program. They have an online program, which includes an in-person conference every July, and the program will teach skills such as educational planning, patient evaluation, and educational program management.

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix offers a Master of Health in Administration/Health Care Education for students interested in health promotion. This program is specifically for health care or nursing professionals who want to learn more about curriculum development, evaluation, and more.

There are over 300 other schools that offer both online and traditional programs in the field of health promotion, education, and public health with an emphasis in health promotion. Other schools you can check out include American University, Kaplan, Ashford University, Virginia Tech, and the University of Southern Indiana.

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