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Many people are interested in improving their health these days. It’s no wonder! With health care costs going up, and people concerned about quality of life, it’s little surprise that people would be interested in healthier lifestyles. Even big companies are interested in health promotion for their workers, since it can help reduce overall insurance premium rates.

If you are interested in promoting health in your own company, community or just in your own family, health promotion blogs can give you some great ideas. Get and stay motivated, and read health blogs that can help you stay on top of the latest in nutrition, fitness and better mental and emotional health. If you are looking for great ideas and insights, these 50 health promotion blogs can be great options:

General Health Promotion and Corporate Wellness

Learn how to join others in the quest for healthier living. Great ideas on getting motivated and motivating others to join you.

  1. Health Promotion Blog: Learn about health promotion programs and what makes them a success.
  2. Todd Schemper’s Health Promotion Blog: A great blog about health promotion from Work Systems Rehab.
  3. Health Nexus Today: Health promotion specialists to help you kick start your program.
  4. Corporate Wellness Blog: A great blog that focuses on how you can improve employee wellness.
  5. Corporate Wellness Insights: Learn more about health promotion programs and improving corporate wellness.
  6. U.S. Corporate Wellness: News about health promotion, and employee health trends.
  7. Employee Wellness Blog: Keeping up with resources for corporate wellness and health promotion.
  8. Wellness Blog: Ideas, tips and news, as well as commentary on health promotion and employee wellness.
  9. Workplace Wellness Blog: Thoughts on workplace wellness and successful health promotion programs.
  10. Wellergize: This workplace wellness blog offers the latest news and ideas in corporate wellness and health promotion.
  11. Health Fairs: Learn more about health promotion and corporate wellness through the use of company health fairs.

Healthy Living Goals

Do you have a specific goal you are aiming for? If you have health goals and aspirations these blogs can help you reach them.

  1. Healthymagination Blog: A blog about healthier living. This site focuses on shared health goals.
  2. KeepinFit: Ideas for goal setting, and for staying healthy.
  3. Healthy People 2020: This U.S. government web site offers news and information, as well as helpful hints, on living healthier.
  4. HealtheHuman: Learn more about tracking your health, and improving your lifestyle. Great way to to set health goals and track progress.
  5. DailyBurn: A great way to set and track your health goals.

Better Nutrition

Get ideas for healthy eating and improved nutrition when you read these blogs that promote good eating habits.

  1. Cheap Healthy Good: Learn more about preparing healthy meals — while saving money. A valuable resource.
  2. Eating Bird Food: Improve your diet, and your health, when you read this blog.
  3. Super Healthy Kids: Health promotion in your own family with these great recipe ideas for better nutrition.
  4. Healthy Eating Blog: A great resource that promotes health through better food choices.
  5. Kalyn’s Kitchen: See pictures of healthy foods and recipes. Great for those who want delicious and healthy meals.
  6. A Veggie Venture: If you want to improve your health by adding more vegetables, this blog can be a great resource.
  7. Anton Health & Nutrition: Learn more about healthy eating. Promotes healthy behaviors and nutrition.
  8. We Like It Raw: Health promotion through raw food. Find recipes and more.
  9. Healthy Eating Tips Blog: Find out more about healthy eating, organic foods and more.
  10. Nourish Me: Health promotion through better nutrition. Learn more about healthy eating and delicious recipes.
  11. Healthy Cooking: Learn more about cooking healthy and eating better.
  12. Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating Blog: Learn more about eating healthy, and get great health promotion tips.

Better Fitness

Learn more about the value of physical exercise. Get ideas for working fitness into your regular routine, and ideas for exercises done right.

  1. FitSugar: Learn more about better exercise habits, and stay motivated to get in shape.
  2. Live Fit Blog: Improve your fitness, and promote health living no matter where you are.
  3. The Fit Blog: Learning more about health, and how you can improve your fitness.
  4. That’s Fit: Wellness, exercise and more. Geared toward promoting better health.
  5. Fit Mom’s Blog: Aimed at health promotion in moms, the ideas in this blog can work for almost anyone.
  6. Fitarella: Learn how to get fit and live healthy. Focus on eating disorders.
  7. Trying Fitness: Promoting better health. Plenty of good ideas.
  8. Beeble’s Fitness Blog: Learning more about health and fitness from this personal trainer.
  9. Quick to Fit: Learn more about fitness, healthy living and more when you read this blog.
  10. Get Fit Slowly: Learn more about changing your life habits so that you can live healthier.
  11. John is Fit: Health promotion and better habits. A great resource.
  12. Journal of Health Living: A health promotion blog about how you can live a better life.

Better Mental and Emotional Health

If you want to experience total health, you also have to focus on your mental and emotional health. These blogs provide helpful insights on keeping up with health in a more holistic manner.

  1. Becky’s Blog: Learn more about how you can live life to the fullest. A great way to find out more about you, and improve your overall health.
  2. Mental Health Blog: Learn more about mental healthy, and how you can improve your own mental health wellness.
  3. The Mental Emotional Health Blog: Encouragement for living a life that is healthier emotionally and mentally.
  4. Dr. Briffa’s Blog: Find out more about good health overall. Includes mental and emotional health subjects as well as physical health issues.
  5. Emotional Wellbeing: Health promotion on an emotional level.
  6. The Journey into Emotional Health: Helps you learn how to be healthier in your emotions.
  7. Stress Management: Health promotion for your mental health and your emotions. Relieve stress.
  8. The Ultimate Stress Blog: Understanding stress, and overcoming it for a healthier life overall.
  9. Mental Health Update: Encourages better mental health.
  10. World of Psychology: Learn more about psychology, and learn how to encourage better mental health. A great resource.

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